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that there not be a backup of inbound buss that would impact the bay bridge or the fremont street off-ramp. so we have done that modeling and we could include that in a future presentation and animation of that modeling so you could see it. >> okay. could you go back to the first slide? i wanted to just understand what current -- do all of the current ramps stay? maybe it's the next slide. i'm sorry. >> no. as part of the demolition, all of these ramps have been removed. >> so all the ramps showing aside from the yellow are gone? [ inaudible ] this is the existing fremont street off-ramp that touches down at fremont street. this is the fremont street exit ramp, that ramp will stay and, in fact will be reconfigured. i will just show you really quickly. this portion of the fremont street off-ramp will be straightened and brought up to fremont -- perpendicular to fremont. that is part of the development of block 8. this portion, this spur will be reconfigured to come straight to fremont street. this ramp here, which is part of the old bus ramp structures, and these ramps here have all been demolished
in oakland. fremont police say he's the woman seen her stealing a ups delivery and canned goods for the needy from a fremont home in november. this was the first time fremont police used youtube to find a suspect. >>> one bay area woman's dream date turned into a valentine's day horror story. she met a man online who seemed perfect. smart, charming. julie watts says she was actually dating a con man who has been ripping off women from coast to coast. >> i was not a victim. i was a damn fool. >> reporter: instead of listening to her inner voice she listened to mr. perfect she met online. >> she's from the south. so he used this whole vernacular that just kind of drew me in. >> reporter: the registered nurse quickly fell for the man behind the profile. the two talked and skyped several times a day. then her online sweetheart made an offer. >> he says i want to pay your debt off. and i said why? and he said because that's what god has told me to do. >> reporter: and that's what he kid, erasing her $80,000 of debt. but a few days later she became suspicious when he began asking for some wire tran
and is being punished for doing the right thing. >> ancient chinese army in the bay area >> fremont, palo alto and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a live look from the cameras with the embarcardero and bay bridge. not as cold as yesterday. >> more news, this morning a $1,000 reward being offered to help track down the person who shot a raccoon. gunshot fragments were in its body. it was found alive but unresponsive sunday morning. it was lying against a cushion palm avenue in south san francisco and a veterinarian had to put the raccoon to sleep the 12000 animal the humane society has found shot since december. >> remarkable exhibit showcasing the life and legacy of china's first emperor opens tomorrow at the asian art museum in san francisco. it showcases the famous terra cotta warrior statues. here a preview. >> 8,000 terra cotta warriors have been unearthed but this is the only standing general that has been discovered. >> i thought it was interesting looking at faces. they are all different. >> the opening of the exhibit which coincides with the last public appearance before running
and pleasanton and 44 currently in fremont. future cast 4 shows by noon will be in mainly 60's. by 2:00 p.m. it will be a lot of spots in the 70. this will be a another fantastic day. a lot of people are excited about the temperatures as well as to be a friday. >> breaking down your afternoon highs at 72 degrees for palo alto and 71 for the off off some of valid. fairfield has a high of 70 and the same goes for danville. downtown san francisco will be at 68 degrees and 69 year high in berkeley. your 7 day or round the bay has changes to talk about. it will be a little bit cooler. the temperatures will be above average. we are really going to mix things up because we will see more in the way of cloud cover. the cold front will drop down from the gulf of alaska. >> we do hold on for later in showers and to the middle of next week. >> we continue to monitor a great ride. even as we are way and to the 6:00 hour we normally see a back up at the bay bridge but we do not. the san mateo bridge we see good conditions as well. we are not tracking any hot spots and no major delays. your drive time i
fired two concussion canisters in a motel room. a man suspected of robbing a bank in fremont barricaded himself inside. he surrendered after 8:00. he and another man are suspected of robbing a bank of the west yesterday three miles arm from this scene. he was tracked to the motel after spotting a possible get away vehicle. the other suspect gave up when the officers rounded the room. >> a man is in custody after leading police on a high speed chase that spanned several counties. we brought it to you live on abc7 news at 11. we caught the pursuit on our camera in emeryville as it passed interstate 80. it hit 100 miles per hour at times. it ended with no injuries off interstate 580. >> a teacher as castro valley high school is on paid leave over sexual misconduct. the superintendent released this statement saying last week a member of the team at castro valley high was alerted to allegations of an inappropriate relationship between a student and an employee. the superintendent says the district took immediate action and notified the sheriff. >> the search for accused cop killer
view and fremont and san jose at 42. now, what will happen today around monterey bay upper 30's to mid-40's, becoming partly cloudy after 9:00, cheer, cold tonight, with frost inland so be prepared and warming trend for the afternoon hours tomorrow. here is a look at the cold front from yesterday and now the trough of low pressure and the low bringing us the showers and as they will spin around from northwest to southeast, they will stay over the ocean. last night, they came in and they were healthy dropping .1" in some areas and they moved away from us over the next couple of hours you can see the sunshine break out headed into the afternoon hours and the evening hours will be chilly without the cloud cover out there. we have the beach hazard today and tomorrow and at pebble beach scattered showers and 50, a big tree right there, over the ocean. >> is that a hazard? >> that is a hazard. >> sunny and dry tomorrow. the better day to be down which is tomorrow and sunday. we will have a lot of sunshine monday through thursday and upper 50's at the coast and low-to-mid fists h 60's for --
building, the new ferry schedule >> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:13, state lawmaker is pushing a bill to ban hand free texting while you drive. the assemblyman cite as virginia text study showing it is as dangerous as traditional texting. researchers found voice-controlled texting requires higher mental demand and longer glances away from the road. >> the time for looking and being distracted is 4.6 seconds and 55 miles per hour that is a football field you are not paying attention to the drivers around you. to me that is not okay. >> you ban one free thing and next you. ban hand free talking. >> well, enforcement could be tough but the bill will get the first hearing this spring. >> santa clara county is planning what it hopes to be the bay area's biggest gun buy event scheduled for saturday manner 2 the scene county fairgrounds in san jose with guns and ammunition turned in for cash, no questions. officials say the boy back is a good way for people who do not want guns if their homes to get rid of them. signs are posted around the county in
and and hayward at 39 degrees and san carlos 41 and fairfield, and half moon bay, we are at 39 in fremont, and san jose, and hayward, and 33 in novato and santa rosa is at 38 and 36 in concord and livermore. headed to the afternoon hours we will be in the upper 50's to low 60's from the coast to san francisco, and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of us and this is just the beginning. the next three days are the warmest. we are in the 60's tomorrow, but we will touch 70 thursday and more so on friday away from the coast where we are in the 60's. sue? >> back to oakland, now, where we have this accident, northbound, 880, before oak, three left lanes are blocked, and a garbage truck involved with an injury accident, and glass in most of the lanes there and c.h.p. is on the scene and you can see a little bit of slowing but if this stays out there, it will affect your commute in the northbound direction of 880, and you will want to take 580 and we will keep following this for you this morning with no sig-alert issued. seeing more than usual slowing from antioch, with an accident on the shoulder, so expec
in fremont, vallejo 64, 63 castro valley, 66 and walnut creek, up mid-60s for napa, oakland 64, 56 ended the city for the highs. clear, dry conditions for the bay area and stable to our north. in the rain that would generally slide our way will state and the pacific northwest. we will see a gradual warming trend and temperatures will max out into the low 70's as we head into your friday. the week's system will pass through saturday night into sunday, no moisture but it will put temperatures of the cooler side. 6:16 a.m. and here is george. >> we are monitoring the ride and we're not looking at any hot spots around the bay. metering lights have been activated in the bay bridge back of the started to form westbound. no problems across the span, 60 minutes from the macarthur maze, 14 if you're coming from the nimitz. the san mateo bridge is an easy ride with the right side of your screen it westbound in the commute direction. the golden gate bridge ride is an easy one coming from marin county to the southbound commute. my train accident that is bent on the nimitz freeway is 880 northbound a
is and in the south bay you might want to take advantage. here in the east bay, hayward to fremont, this is as fast as it's going to go. and traffic does look good on the dumbarton. and near the east shore freeway traffic is light and some is being picked up. southbound 101 traffic is looking very nice as you drive through. 4:48 let's go to steve. >>> thank you sal. >> we have a big fog bank which is falling apart and it will give us very cool temperatures probably some even keeled temperatures as well. may be a little bit of sun later. 40s and 50s. temperatures are stuck and i don't expect them to drop. there is too much cloud cover. also i think it will give us some drizzle in the next couple of hours with that coastal fog. westerly breeze is in place things have changed compared to last week. low-to-mid 60s and that will touch it for a minute or two. fog sun, a little bit of a bright tomorrow. the next system will give us a little bit of rain and this is the bigger story, it clears out and the morning the week ken's will be breezy. >> -- the weekend will be breeze site.$♪ a -- uh-huhp back wha
with the assemblyman is dirk of fremont flowers and gifts. >> we want to make sure nobody is deceiving the consumer into thinking they are dealing with somebody locally when they are not. >> dirk believes he's lost as much as 20% of his business to this type of marketing by a out-of-area companies. >> this practice has led to nor florists going out of business, floor brick and morter florists. >> he pointed me to this fremont florists. here's fremont florists and gifts. it has a map, i guess a location, and then i check it out for myself. it's an apartment complex. no florist here. we check another listing, fremont florist in the directory. again, no address. but there is a map. although the location doesn't look promising. restricted area, keep out. this is not the kind of sign you normally find at a local florist. we called both listings and received the same recorded announcement for florists. we were never able to determine if they belonged to that company back on the internet we find oakland's one stop flower shop. san francisco's one-stop flower shop, and san jose's one-sop flower shop. three
can be sued. >> working on it is dirk of fremont flowers and gifts. >> we want to make sure that nobody is deceiving the consumer that they are dealing with somebody locally when they are not. >> he believes he has lost as much as 20% of his business from out of the area companies. >> this practice has led to more florists going out of business, more brick and mortar retail florists. we're using our network of same day delivery florists. >> dirk pointed me to this listing in fremont. here is fremont florists and gifts. it has a local phone number. no address. click on this and get a location and check it out for myself. it's an apartment complex. no florists here. we check another listing, fremont floorists, again, no address but there is a map. the location doesn't look promising. restricted area, keep out. this is kind of sign you don't normally find at florists. we called both and got the same announcement. we were never able to confirm these listings belonged to the florida based company. back on the internet we find oakland's one stop flower shop. san francisco's one st
are sues pegged of robbing a bank of the west in fremont this afternoon about 3 miles away. police track them to this motel after spotting a trucway truck. the other suspect gave up to police late this afternoon. good evening everyone i'm carolyn. >> i'm dan. some developing news out of vallejo tonight where 5 people shot. happened 8:30 outside a home on humboldt street at eastwood. one block from i 80. police are still on the crime scene right now trying to figure out what sparked this gun fire. 2 people are in critical condition tonight. 3 others were also taken to the hospital but they are we understand expected to survive. police have not made any arrest. >> man in critical condition tonight after being shot by richmond police. sky 7 hd sho shows officers investigating the scene. earlier police responded to call of man with a gun on west 97 i hope avenue about the same time police shot technology detecting gunfire in the area. shortly after cop fronting the armed man several officers opened fire. >> disturbing discovery during routine maintenance of tunnel in richmond. wha
breaking news in traffic, an injury motorcycle crash in fremont, sal? >>> that is right, this crash was spotted by news chopper 2 and we found this crash and the motorcyclist has been put into the paramedic vehicle but the bike is still in the left lane and two left lanes are blocked in fremont near maury avenue. i want to look at the backup, it is just a big mess. the carpool lane has been taken away and traffic is quickly backing up into hayward. news chopper 2 is showing the backup and it is going to take awhile for this to unwind and we also have trouble on the nimitz freeway. look at all of this traffic, it is at a standstill in hayward heading south. the other problem is 880 in oakland and they just recently cleared a garbage truck accident. it was minor injuries there only but traffic is backed up towards the coliseum. i want to show it to you and they have maps just north of the coliseum. that will be a pretty good alternate root for you -- route for you. 880 -- 80 westbound between panola aneurysm month are -- until and richmond are seeing a backup, let's go to steve. >>> a
and santa rosa and concord and san francisco, one to two degrees warmer and fremont one degree cooler than yesterday. temperatures running coolest at the coast where you can see the clouds are mid-to-upper 50's and the warm spot is santa rosa at 63 degrees. around monterey bay we start off cooler but we will end up warmer at 57 because of the sun and low-to-mid 60's inland. at the love 30's tonight inland and fremont is 39 and otherwise throw mid-40's through the bay and cloud cover will return tonight. the bulk of the first part of the system you can see it heads to the north because of high pressure, but, after that, it will start the cooling trend and then the entire system will roll how on wednesday with light rain and on the back side of it, cool showers for thursday, cooler on friday, and the warming trend and dry weather for the weekend. >> in san jose, first reports of an accident northbound 87, the parkway, right near 101, and c.h.p. is on the scene saying now the solo vehicle spinout is blocking the center divide. north 87 at 101 could be a problem. mass transit shows everyone on
. in san jose fremont area on the way from fremont to san jose southbound 680 at scott creek you can see traffic may be a little effected by a crash there. it's already on the shoulder. traffic here on 880 between hayward and fremont is not that bad. 14 minutes from 238 to mallory. now let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. very good morning. chilly morning. we had scattered showers. not bad rain for some. not for everybody. secondary part of the system is moving in. some of the wrap around may give us a few isolated showers. rainfall totals. after that it was mainly about a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch. including sfo and oakland. our system that is moving out is scattered showers. partly cloudy this morning. most of this is heading into southern california. clearing tonight and cold and north wind will kick in. then it will turn northeast as we head over to sunday. winter weather advisory for a couple of hours. two to five inches of snow. 30s on the temps and 40s. santa rosa is already 33 degrees. its will get even colder tonight and tomorrow. fremont you can get a little sn
on the legislation with the assemblyman is dirk of fremont flowers and gifts. >> we want to make sure nobody is deceiving the consumer into thinking they are dealing with somebody locally when they are not. >> dirk believes he's lost as much as 20% of his business to this type of marketing by a out-of-area companies. >> this practice has led to nor florists going out of business, floor brick and mortor floor efforts. >> he pointed me to this fremont florists. here's fremont florists and gifts. it has a map, i guess a location, and then i check it out for myself. it's an apartment complex. no florist here. we check another listing, fremont florist in the directory. again, no address. but there is a map. although the location doesn't look promising. restricted area, keep out. this is not the kind of sign you normally find at a local florist. we called both listings and received the same recorded announcement for florists. back on the internet we find oakland's one stop flower shop. san francisco's one-stop flower shop, and san jose's one-sop flower shop. three sites with different telephone nu
at holy name university from 3:00 to 5:00 this afternoon. >>> also new this morning fremont residents may see or hear helicopters around auto mall park parkway this afternoon at emergency crews get trained for a natural disaster. fire and police and hundreds of military personnel will be involved. it's a six hour drill called operation rolling chaos. it will be held at unitech education in fremont from 8:00 this morning to 2:00 this morning. the simulation involves a dozen cars, buses, ambulances and three helicopters. nearly 500 military personnel will practice coordinating rescues with police and fire departments in a simulated flood scenario. >>> coming up, back to court. we will tell you why former giants slugger barry bonds will be back in federal court this week. and after months of problems, the boeing dreamliner is put to >> home run king barry bonds returns to federal court this week. on wednesday the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals sitting in arizona will hear arguments in bonds' bid to overturn his felony obstruction of justice conviction. our media partner, the contra cost
in fremont and it cleared from the lanes but this could be emergency crews to get that off of the ditch it want into southbound 880 at fremont boulevard and we still have ace train onedly 25 minutes as it heads in with train three on time out of the stockton. no other mass transit problems. >> thank you. >> we are a week away from pope benedict stepping down as head of the catholic clutch and the just released poll reveal his popularity. >> reward offered to help track down a person who shot a raccoon in the bay area. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. >> benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:42. a $3,000 reward is offered in the latest shooting of an a
for this time of year. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room this suspect inf a bank in fremont. this is in a new work motel. this bank is in fremont. --and this suspect-inside of this bank. they fled in a bar room pickup truck with an undisclosed amount of money. and led police to this location and newark.. police have cleared much of this area at this point. we will keep you developing on this. this footage was courtesy of our abc seven helicopter partnership. . well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> catherine: a developing story. the troubled 787 dreamliner was being tested today in seattle. the company says that first test was 'uneventful.' -- which is exactly what they the dreamli
, this morning police are looking for the owner of a bag of jewelry found in fremont. these are pictures of the jewelry found in a bag. a maintenance worker found the bag in the bushes yesterday morning. many of the items still have the price tags attached. if some of this belongs to you, contact the fremont police department. >> this morning, another reminder for people who park at meters on sundays in san francisco. it is no longer free according to the "san francisco chronicle", officers issued almost 1,800 tickets last sunday the first day the new rule was enforced. agree parking ended last month. tickets are $72 downtown and $62 in other areas of the city. the rules will generate an additional $2 million in revenue for the city. >> chilly start to this friday morning. >> will we warm up? mike nicco? >> we will look at our forecast, we will start this morning, 35 to 45 and more fog, and thicker than it was yesterday. we will have haze but don't worry about the air quality, it will be fine this afternoon, 61 to 69. enjoy the evening, it will be mile at 49 to 54 degrees. now, a look at
and san francisco, one, and fremont two degrees cooler. you are not going to notice a change compared to yesterday unless you were inside all day. upper 50's along the coast into san francisco, and richard, and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us and the monterey bay the clouds will not be so extensive. a few 30's inland tonight but the clouds rush back in and it will be a hazy morning again tomorrow. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures running one to two degrees cooler tomorrow and wednesday and thursday and friday are we barely make the mid-50's and saturday and sunday are more dry and warmer. >> happy monday. light traffic conditions. so far, so good. a live look at the macarthur maze. from the east on 580 or south or 880 or the west, whichever 80 freeway, it is looking good to the macarthur maze. the bay bridge toll plaza has no issues. it is light and in problem on the upper deck. in pleasant hill we had a car off the freeway at 680, now the fence will have to be repaired on 680 but no affect yet on the roadway. >> new details this morning in the alabama hostage drama now in
, union city, fremont, we're seeing heavier showers there. this heading toward pleasantton. taking the cake right now, about a third of an inch of rain. palo alto, one tenth of an inch. so, we do have a little bit of snow to talk about. not much, but some. 3 to 5 inches of new snowfall through friday as the snow level drops down to 3,000 meet. for on our forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you for that. some 23 million people live in the path of the storm baring down on the north eastern united states tonight. power companies, road crews are getting ready for several feet of snow. nearly 3,000 flights in and out of the region's airports have already been canceled, including a couple dozen from sfo. many new england cities announced that schools will be closed tomorrow. this is the first major winter storm in 14 months. >> this year, we are half through the winter and we haven't used any of our snow budget. it is a tiny amount of money given the city's budget is about $65 billion a year. >> some of the people in the path of the storm are still dealing with the aftermath
toward the east bay. san ramon. near fremont and hayward. another band stretching and over toward the san mateo coast and also san jose and santa clara valley. 30s i mean if there is cloud cover holding us up the coldest lows will probably be sunday morning. we'll have partly cloudy skies with cloudy showers. cool and breezy day today. temperatures will really be held in check. 52-53 for most. everyone else will be on the cool side. cold tomorrow morning as that low drops south the wind will crank up saturday and looks sunny. warmer each day. especially next week. >>> time now 4:41. mayor chuck reed lays out his plans for the future of san jose. what he is proposalling. >>> bullet holes and a broken door. look inside a vallejo house where three family members were shot during a violent home invasion. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little
in concord. mid30s fremont and palo alto and san jose and oakland, san mateo 38 and 41 in san francisco and santa cruz falling to 35 degrees. here is a look at the system that shutdown the grapevine and brought our rain and had some snow earlier this morning. reported to the national weather service in our local mountains and this system heading on out and we will be watching the area of high pressure taking over. the cold, dry air is filtering in. the high pressure takes control starting this weekend and really holds on right on through next week. so it is a dry pattern next week. no rain in sight. put the umbrellas away and take advantage of the weather we have coming. it is going to be sunny and milder. 56 degrees in san francisco and 55 half moon bay. clear skies up to the north. 57 clear lake and 60 in santa rosa. oakland, mid50s around vallejo and 59 degrees in concord and fremont and san jose 58 degrees around the monterey bay. you are looking at temperatures in the 50s, but bright and sunny. 58 degrees in santa cruz and salinas. if you are heading to pebble beach are to the pebb
.. >> scores of police and military personnel are gathering in fremont at this hour. fortunately there's no emergency. it's a disaster drill. kira klapper joins us live to explain how this training can protect you. good morning, kira. >> good morning, carolyn. this drill called operation rolling chaos started just about an hour ago. as you said, fire, police, military personnel are here. it's to simulate how they react immediately to a disaster such as you said a damn break. we are here at often tech college. they are about 500 people here right now. they are fine-tuning their skills on how to respond to a mass casualty, a potential disaster and how to identify survivors, people who can walk and talk and separate them from people who need to be immediately hospitalized. organizers cited a 2009 study by the water district that shows a break in the anderson dam near morgan hill could unleash 30-foot high waves, walls of water, sag it could happen and we all need to be prepared. >> there are some things on the books that has to be done. earthquake will take a dam away or take a levy away
on the meeting in a live report tonight at 6:00. >>> people near the fremont auto mall probably noticed hundreds of emergency workers mobilized for major disaster. >> fortunately nobody was hurt. it was a disaster drill. operation chaos used 200 community volunteers as victims to train responders and local agencies and the military. >> so we can learn how to coordinate, escalate, and minimize loss of life when these event occur. >> learning how to enter act with the local fire, paramedic, police. international emergency or natural disaster. we're expected to all work together, which we don't get to do this training a lot so this is a big deal. >> ama: the army national guard, state and military reserve and fremont emergency responders all took part also well. >> texas governor rick perry is in the bay area hunting for california business. he is expected to try to woo away companies to his own state. we're live in san francisco with more. reporter: behind me is the greater bay area. this where is governor perry is going to be approaching local companies with promises of better business conditions
national guard, state military reserve and fremont emergency responders got in some practice time today. they simulated a dam failure. crews prepared in fremont to protect you. >> when a natural disaster strikes... [screaming] >> and panic sets in, time is precious. that's why hundreds of first responders went through this six hour drill, operation rolling chaos, streamlining their response to protect our community. >> muscle memory. when you're in a trauma situation, you want it to kick in. >> police, fire, and military personnel gathered for the training. they're reacting to this simulated disaster. the break of anderson dam near morgan hill. walls of water 35 feet high are overwhelming nearby communities. >> earthquake will take a dam or levee easily. and sacramento is actually 12 feet below the level of the river. if the levee breaks, sacramento will be in 12 feet of water. >> 200 victims were rescued from destroyed cars and buses, assessed, and sent to the nearby e.r. or transported to the hospital by helicopter. participants say it's an invaluable opportunity to practice working b
fremont y newark... take vo ---todo comenzo esta tarde a eso de las 2 menos 20 minutos de la tarde cuando dos sujetos asaltaron una sucursal del "bank of the west" en paseo padre parkway en fremont... ---los sospechosos ingresaron al banco y exigieron a los empleados a que entregaran el dinero para luego huir en una camioneta... ---a eso de las dos de la tarde la policia localizo el vehiculo en un motel "ez 8" en la avenida "mowry" de newark... ---la policia acordono la zona y detuvo a uno de los ladrones mientras que el otro se encerro en uno de los cuartos y a eso de las 8 de esta noche se rindio a la policia. blanca ---un estudiante de la universidad estatal de california en la costa central murio el pasado sabado sin que hasta el momento se conozca la causa de su falleciemiento . take vo ---"brandon huang" de 20 aÑos fue encontrado inconsciente afuera de la residencia universitaria en san luis obispo; posteriormente fue trasladado al hospital donde murio. ---las autoridades universitarias estan investigando las causas de la muerte. ===roll ticker=== blanca tiempo de la primera pausa
at 43, and san francisco at 46 and antioch at 44. fremont and mountain view 41 and san jose at 40. everyone else in the mid-to-upper 30's. we start off with more sun temperatures are the same or warmer than yesterday. not as breezy at the coast in the mid-to-upper 50's. we are 59 to 64 around the bay. warmer inland at 62 to 66. now the traffic? >> a couple of accidents with a car and a big rig on the shoulder. southbound 680, an accident is cleared involving a car and truck. we have a new accident westbound 580 a truck off to the median at the livermore area the light traffic and road work at northern portion of the golden gate bridge. no traffic on the golden gate bridge. >> sonoma county investigators are trying to determine the cause of a warehouse fire with flames reported after 8:00 last night on grove street between highway 101 and heals bug with flames on the room and the building was fully engulfed. it took crews 90 minutes to control the flames. >> developing news from santa clara. investigators found home made bombs and chemicals and blowing them up. >> they detonated th
did have a loaded gun in his car. >>> fremont police say a youtube video helped them catch a suspect. >> a fremont showed this video, as well as a bag of goods for the needy, showing this woman took it off his porch, leading them 32-year-old daniel gonzalez of oakland. she had had stolen mail, credit cards and mail in her possession when she was arrested. >>> now to danville when police arrested a man in suspicion of burglary in his own neighborhood. he was arrested this morning on several charges, including residential burglary. police say he been breaking into homes. >>> at mat report it is, he left clues about what he planned to do on his facebook page. >>> first period had had just gun when students day teachers began telling them they couldn't leave their classrooms. >> everyone was looking outside the windows and just trying to figure out -- no 1 was telling anyone anything. >> mountain view police say they received several phone calls about a person on campus dressed in camo and wearing a gas mask. police say they eventually found the person behind the mask inside his classroo
's until oakland and san francisco, and fremont in the 50's and look at half moon bay, 63 degrees. that is warmer than the average high for this time of year. as we head south to the monterey bay we will have temperatures there also in the 40's and 50's. now, today, we are going to dip down to 39 inland, mid-40's to 50 around the bay and the coast and we will all be in the 60's by noon and up to 70's this afternoon and a nice evening, too, in the lower to upper 50's. tomorrow is one of the warmest days mid-60's to low 70's and a cooling will take us down into the mid-50's to upper 50's at coast and mid-60's for the rest of us. >> good morning, everyone. everything is looking good just one problem spot near antioch westbound for the ramp to northbound 160 on the approach to the antioch bridge, a big rig lost the road. c.h.p. is trying to get whatever that is that is lost, but it is mostly cleared out of the lanes off in the eastern portion of antioch. elsewhere, we have good drive out of the central valley from 205 and over the altamont pass from tracy with road work in marin south
. how quickly we will drop down to near freezing. we likely will hit the freezing mark and fremont, you will drop down to 34 degrees. let's talk more about the snow. it's a rare treat this winter. roberta took the kp5 mobile weather lab up to mt. hamilton where the snow is coming downsideways. here's what it looked like. >> currently it's 28 degrees atop the mountain. the wind has been blowing at 18 and 20 miles per hour. mike williams and also manny acosta. we saw them cycling up 13 miles. you guys are crazy. >> yeah, well we decided to go camping last night and we didn't know it was going be this snowy. it turned into a little more than we were expecting. >> they made it up here before it started snowing. you could not make it up because the road is going to be officially closed. it's a very treacherous drive. i wouldn't recommend it. in fact, we are trying to figure out how we'll get down from the 4200 feet elevation here. reporting atop mt. hamilton, where yes, it's snowing. roberta gonzalez for kpix5. >> 3 inches of snow. storm totals, 6 to 12 inches there. a winter weather ad
, that will lead the chill he temperatures, down to 36, fremont, 38. redwood city, 38. here is the set up in the skies above us. all about high pressure which is just strong enough and just close enough to, yet again, deflect another storm system to our north. the rain is far south taking the storm track, keeping it up to the north, the sierra may see snow shower bus we will stay dry and mostly sunny. that will be that way for the entire week. more storms moving through on wednesday and one friday. no chance to get close to us. we will be sunny and mild all week long and into the beginning of march that begins on friday. incidentally that will be when we get to cents. 70 degrees up on friday. chilly temperatures when you wake up. cheer at night. sunny, mild during the day, every day for the next 7 days. now, livermore, 63. average for you, that is where you are tomorrow. average san jose, below average. 64 for you tomorrow. fremont, 62. redwood city you will hit 62. midel 60s for walnut creek, livermore, 63, starting off the week with a high of 62.
modern smartphone are emasculating without buttons >> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a live look at embarcardero, the bay, and the bay bridge with the pretty lights up. we will check traffic for you and weather coming up in a couple of minutes. >> more news, a family in concord is relieved and grateful after finally speaking to the son they believe was missing in peru. yesterday, the family of garrett hand thanked the embassy in lima. officials in peru and the media, as well, for helping locate garrett and his girlfriend jamie neal. they were found safe in a remote area near ecuador. >> social networks make it easy to connect with people around the world, now it is used to fight crime among people who barely know each other like distant neighbors. silicon valley is right at the forefront of this effort. >> neighbors moved to oakland years ago and they never dreamed they would be considering surveillance cameras. >> we are frustrated by the reduction in the police force that has happened and that is contributing to crime. >> after one violent rob
bit of waiting going on but some of those metering lights will be going on soon. fremont commute still looks pretty good and it is probably the best it will be for this time. 238 to mauerry avenue with no major delays, let's go to steve. >>> well, it is kind of a different pattern, not only do we have inland fog, radiation fog and we also have coastal fog which is up to 700 to 1,000 feet and the combination of the two makes for overnight lows to be a little warmer still that coastal fog is not going anywhere and the coast will be cooler than last week. we have more a westerly breeze and last week it was all offshore down towards santa cruz but not anymore. we have colder ocean temperatures up to lower 40l1sl0 and 50s and we will have to wait until thursday to get some light rain. 50 half-moon bay, 40s in novato. napa says fog, concord said fog, livermore fog, moffett says fog in the areas well. mostly sunny today after that fog but the fog retreats back to the coast and stays there and keeping temperatures in the 50s. for some it will be warmer inland and 58 now alameda to 62 in brentw
freeway looks good from hayward to fremont. not a bad drive at all. you see 13 minutes later on in the morning i think it will be a lot more than that. this might be your opportunity to get on that road. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. our system is rotating out. in fact, it looks like most of the snow so far is ending up in the sierra, nevada. although there will be scattered showers. there is another piece of energy coming down right there. the bulk of the energy has moved toward monterey and peninsula. it's heading south pretty fast. san francisco third of an inch. they were the leader of the pack. sfo quarter of an inch. . san jose .08. there is the system coming down on the backside of that coming right on down. parts of maybe lake county into northern napa county and maybe the 680 corner. fremont over to livermore. maybe sunol grade as well. stretching from peninsula back over to san jose. look at where the bulk is going from santa cruz down to pebble beach. our low will rotate out. still sending in partly cloudy skies. a cool and breezy day with scattered shower
cuts could derail the is.n f >> good evening i'm dan. breaking news in fremont. 2 people are seriously hurt after several vehicles klaided tonight happening on the parkway off arden wood boulevard not far from interstate 8 80. somebody drove the wrong way and crashed into 2 other vehicle. 2 people suffered other mainly injury and taken to the hospital. police tell that you say motorist should avoid the area at least until midnight. it is a mess. we have a camera crew on the way and we bring you update as soon as information comes in to us. >> large crane collapses during work on the new he were span on the bay bridge. we shot the pictures of the twisted metal. crane was mounted on a barn and was being used to remove temporary support from upped the deck of the new span when this happened. witness tells 7 news it sounded like a plane roaring overhead. crane fell near the island here. latest from abc 7 news transportation reporter heather. >> neck of the crane fell across the water on to an adjacent barn with section of scaffolding also landing there. cal-trans can't confirm if t
at two and oakland at four and concord, live more, and fremont at one degree cooler. temperatures are running from 34 in napa, to 38 in cop -- concord, and half moon bay down to 34 degrees. a lot of low-to-mid 40's around the bay shore. we are off to mostly clear start this morning with temperatures in the mid-30's inland and mid-40's for the rest of us through 7:00. headed in the afternoon, that will be a bright are day than yesterday with passing clouds having passed. a wonderful time to be outside at lunch, low-to-mid 60's away from the coast at 4:00, and at 53 and you can see all the stars developing through the evening with temperatures mainly in the 50's and now the next three days the warmest in the forecast in the upper 60's away from the beaches and the 70's on thursday and low-to-mid 70's for friday. enjoy the spring fling we will have in the next couple of days. >> hello, everyone, if your drive takes you to novato to marin wood, this is just beyond the marin ymca, the headlights headed to the sick -- civic center it is moving nightly. beyond the golden gate bridge ligh
our network. this affected our business. >> dirk pointed me to this internet litsing in fremont. fremont florist and gifts. local phone number but there is a map. i click on it and get a location. then, check it out for myself. it's an apartment complex. another listing fremont florist. again, no address. there is a map. of a location that doesn't look promising. that is not the kind of sign you normally find. we called both listings receiving the same announcementu)+ç for florist concierge. never able to confirm this listings belong to that company. on the internet we find oakland's one stop flower shoch. san francisco4mp, one stop flowr shop. three sites with different telephone numbers all linking back to this address in vancouver, washington. i made contacts with the sites none responded to my request for more information. this law went into affect january 1 so i'll let you know fit makes a difference. >> it's important to know. there is nowhere to go. >> you think it's local. you're not. >> thanks good stuff. >> weekend arrived looks like rain cleared out. >> things are lo
into his room. he and another man are sues pegged of robbing a bank of the west in fremont this afternoon about 3 miles away. police track them to this motel after spotting a possible get away truck. the other suspect gave up to police late this afternoon. good evening everyone i'm carolyn. >> i'm dan. some developing news out of vallejo tonight where 5 people shot. happened at 8:30 outside a home on humboldt street at eastwood. one block from i 80. police are still on the crime scene right now trying to figure out what sparked this gun fire. 2 people are in critical condition tonight. 3 others were also taken to the hospital but they are we understand expected to survive. police have not made any arrest. >> man in critical condition tonight after being shot by richmond police. sky 7 hd sho shows officers investigating the scene. earlier police responded to call of man with a gun on west 97 i hope avenue about the same time police shot technology detecting gunfire in the area. shortly after cop fronting the armed man several officers opened fire. >> disturbing discovery during
and there are no problems on the bridge. it still looks good from vallejo to panola, same thing with fremont, traffic looks okay. let's go to steve. >>> napa airport and oakland downtown hit 68 degrees and not today, there is a little bit more in the way of coastal low clouds and also some patchy fog and santa rosa is clear. there is a slight component of an offshore breeze and 30s for many of us, 31 up in bolder creek, cupertino 33, 34 up in kentfield. there is some cold readings which is slightly cooler than yesterday. you can see a little bit of that fog right there and that was not the case yesterday. fog sun mild coast and bay, i think that fog will get chewed up pretty fast. 50s to mid-60s, it may be warmer and santa cruz fremont in there as well. not much change and warmer weather kicks in thursday into friday and the weekend is starting off well, it will just be a little bit cooler. >>> the number of homeowners who are late on mortgage payments continues to drop. the delinquency rate fell which is down slightly from the third quarter and 1% from the end of 2011. >>> you can make a big impression on
a java jolt. >> he calls it a childish spectacle turning down an in >> fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> we are back and looking at the satellite and radar, notice the jet stream, the storm track to the north we are starting to see that offshore wind develop, and that will bring us warmer weather headed through today and especially tomorrow and friday. we starting off with a little bit of fog, a few clouds near the cost trying to push into san francisco, and mid-30's inland, and low 40's around the bay and coast through 7:00, and in the mid-to-upper 50's with total sunshine at noon and enjoy the comfortable highs this afternoon, low-to-mid 60's. >> president obama hits the road if three days to rally support for the economic initiatives presented in the "state of the union" address and will be in asheville, north carolina, today. the president asked congress to pass legislation allowing homeowners to refinance at current levels. and wants high quality pre-school available and pushed congress to push through immigration reform. he challenged lawm
s in oakland. 60s in fremont, a bit more mild. just how warm it we get? warm in the north bay. we set a record. 69 degrees. and napa, we tied it that record at 68 degrees. but 70's. oakland. san mateo, redwood city and the warmest areas inland. 73 degrees. enjoy the warm air real we have another nice day tomorrow. and the coast is also nice. saturday, also nice with plenty of sunshine. we will see that cool air filter and. changes on your forecast, wet weather coming up. >>pam: this event outside of san francisco city hall. and a large asteroid traveling past earth. how close will it get? >> this massive pillow fight. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on for two whole years. from at&t. call to get u-verse tv starting at just $19 a month with our triple-play bundle. get the same great price for two years. plus now two times the internet speed than be
the bay today, you will see a lot of yellow on the screen. those are 70s in the san jose, 70 fremont, 65 pacifica, 70 hayward. east bay temperatures should be nice too. 60s and low 70s this afternoon. and inside the bay going to be spectacular with those down slope winds. 71 degrees in oakland. 69 in san francisco. and 70 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days temperatures cool off slightly tomorrow. i think more so on sunday but then as we get into next week the clouds begin to gather. looks like rain is more likely on tuesday. showers possible into wednesday and then maybe more showers on thursday. so enjoy, elizabeth, big changes on the horizon. >> i know. that should be interesting. this is the week. this is the sweet week and outside right now it's over night roadwork that's out there that slow you down. live traffic cameras on this friday morning drive. towards the bay bridge toll plaza, looks like this. notice no major delays right now. no metering lights and i'm not seeing any roadwork past the pay gates. there may be a little bit o
on the pass and from 880 to fremont we are off to a good start and when things pop up we will let you know. let's go to steve. >>> we have coastal low clouds, a little bit put they are there. it looks like high clouds and tropical, and it does look like it will make it. my confidence is high on this one. forecast models are in sink. yesterday this time we had 30s. due to cloud cover, everybody is on the mild side. >>> they are now moverring into the northeast, it is mostly snow, and we sit here and we are dealing with a lot of active weather, most of us is lifting north and it is just a few high clouds, but a dry pattern and warm temperatures, now we don't really have the breeze, mostly fair, pittsburgh and beyond danville pleasanton 70 walnut creek 5 gilroy, 72 morgan hill, fremont 68, 70 redwood city, palo alto woodside half-moon bay 63, maybe there will be down slope heating. anyway 63. then we will have high clouds saturday and sunday and monday big changes next week. >> plus, remember that meteor that exploded over russia that shocked the world, well now we know it's not just any old
. >> 20 60s into the afternoon. antioch 62. mid 60s for hayward and fremont. >> daly city upper 50s. 62 downtown san francisco. >> satellite and radar shows clear conditions, dry conditions which will continue for the rest of the week and as we transition into the weekend. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights warm weather ahead of us. upper 60s into friday. temperatures getting close to the 70 degree mark. pleasant conditions as we start the next work weeks. >> we will have more details on your extended forecast in my next report. >> we do have a hot spot southbound 880 the nimitz freeway approaching west eighth street. no backups on the traffic maps. according to chp there are some delays to the area. the sig alert went into effect at 1:00 a.m. this morning. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is an easy ride out of oakland from all the approaches. >> the san mateo bridge westbound traffic across highway 92 is a good drive. 12-13 minutes drive time. >> the golden gate bridge, south bound 1 01 is delay free for those of you driving at of the north bay. >> jam
up. 30 minutes now at toll plaza. this morning on 80 westbound. if you are driving to the fremont area from haywood it'll be slow. we had earlier problems. the drive time is up to 25 minutes now. it was -- 15, then 25, now 25 here, to fremont. 7:40, let's go to steve. >> thank you. we have mostly clear skies, few high clouds, system move through the sierra nevada. small bit of snow. saturday morning we may get one weak system but it won't do much. mostly sunny, breezy and cold. mostly sunny and breezy this afternoon. starting cold or cool with a good breezy for some. that's a quick moving system. also once in a while see clouds going parallel to the coast. patchy low clouds, tuesday's low wrapped up into the middle of the country. i just saw a tweet from little rock are arkansas. severe thunderstorm warning ice storm warning. one hour. lot going on back there. that's -- because of the system that came through on tuesday. after that nothing. dry forecast. breezy to windy. out of the northwest. there goes that system into -- the northern rockiess southern plains, you can see some o
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